Do you have hardwood flooring in Northern Michigan?

How should you take care of it?

We sell a lot of different types of floor covering at Kiss Carpet Design Center. Hardwood is one of the most popular. Wood flooring is a product of nature and needs to be maintained properly to ensure its beauty will last for decades. Here are a few tips;

In Northern Michigan if you want your hardwood floor to perform at it best you should always use a humidifier in the winter and air conditioning or a de-humidifier in the summer months.

How are polyurethane or other surface finishes maintained?

Surface finishes like polyurethane require only simple care. Just dustmop, sweep, or vacuum regularly. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations if known. When cleaning no longer restores shine, recoat the floor with a surface finish. The frequency of recoating depends on the amount of traffic. Never wax a surface-finished floor, and never use vinyl or tile floor care products on any hardwood floor.

Can cleaning products for vinyl or tile floors be used on wood floors as well?

No. Never use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products on wood floors. And never use self-polishing acrylic waxes on wood floors. These waxes cause wood to become slippery and dull. In this case, the floor must be sanded and refinished. ┬áBe very cautious of “swiffer” style cleaners as they can easily scratch your hardwood and leave a residue behind making future cleanings difficult.

Can a hardwood floor be damp-mopped?

Never damp mop a waxed floor. When cleaning a surface-finished floor, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may generally use a dampened (near dry) mop to maintain a wood floor; however excessive moisture will cause damage. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood, and leave a discoloring residue. If water spills on a wood floor, immediately wipe it up with a clean cloth.

How can I prevent scratches on hardwood flooring?

Place mats and throw rugs at doorways to help protect wood floors from grit, dirt and sand. Place felt pads under furniture legs and vacuum/dust your wood floor regularly.

When in doubt, ask a professional. Please give us a call or send an email with any questions you may have we are happy to assist you. If we cannot answer the question for you we will direct you to a source that can.

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