4 Pro tips to keep your carpet looking NEW!

carpet care

10-year-old carpet that looks brand new?

Is it possible? Across Northern Michigan, and most likely beyond, the #1 preventable issue with carpet is premature wear. This is also commonly referred to as “ugly out” and can be avoided with a few simple changes to maintenance behavior in your household. 

Here are the top 4 tips to keeping your carpet looking newer longer!

#1 Vacuuming:

Proper vacuum technique, frequency, and equipment all play a pivotal role in vacuuming success. Walking on a soiled carpet allows dust and dirt to work its way below the surface of the pile. Once there, it is far more difficult to remove and can damage the carpet fibers as dirt particles are extremely abrasive which causes the fibers to appear dull and lifeless. 

CRI seal of approval vac
CRI has an expansive list of vacuums that earned their seal of approval.

Frequent vacuuming removes particles from the surface of the carpet before they have a chance to work their way into the pile. Up to three passes of the vacuum will suffice for light soiling, but five to seven passes are necessary for heavily soiled areas. It is recommended to change the vacuuming direction occasionally to help the pile stand up and reduce matting. It is recommended that for rooms with light traffic patterns that you vacuum the carpet traffic lanes twice weekly and the entire area once a week. In areas with heavy traffic, vacuum the carpet traffic lanes daily and the entire area twice a week. 

Investing in the proper vacuum will prolong the beauty and life of your carpet.  A lower quality vacuum may remove surface dirt but will not effectively remove the hidden dirt and particles embedded in the pile. Be aware, expensive does not equal good, to ensure that your vacuum will conform to the highest industry standards, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is certified through the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval program available at www.carpet-rug.org.  Using an approved vacuum may protect you should any warranty claims arise. 


#2 Spots and Spills:

Check out our spot and spill guide for assistance by clicking HERE. Prompt attention and the correct product will make this cleanup a success. Using a product that will not damage the carpet or cause it to re-soil are key to prolonging the life of your flooring. Many chain store cleaning products often leave a residue behind that will attract soil and cause the spots to reappear. The soap residue is harder to remove and may cause more damage to the fibers. If spot cleaning is necessary be certain that the product used is approved by the manufacturer. 


#3 Professional deep cleaning:

hot water extraction
Professionals use hot water extraction for deep cleaning.

It is recommended that every 12 to 18 months your carpet be professionally deep cleaned to remove the deep embedded dirt and grime (also necessary to maintaining your warranty). Often times

this step is put off until the carpet “looks” like it needs to be cleaned, at that point, the carpet fibers are already damaged and cannot be brought back to like-new condition. We cannot stress this enough, do not skip this step! This protects your investment!


#4 Protective Mats:

Lastly, stop dirt at the door! Walk off mats inside and out as well as taking your shoes off when you enter the home prolongs the life of your carpet substantially. This helps prevent that dirt from making its way into your carpet, causing the premature wear and soiling of your new floor.  Click here for one resource walk-off mats and google will show you many more. 

Each manufacturer has a preferred maintenance and cleaning procedure, be certain to follow the procedures for your particular brand of carpet. A little bit of maintenance will add years and sometimes a decade to the beauty of your carpet.

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